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Franklin Hill Elementary School


NameEmailWeb PageDepartmentsPosition
Mapp, Hilary Ann  Technician Behaviour Technician
Ribeiro, Annabella  Library Librarian
Gionet, André  Administration Principal
Caruso, Tara   Resource
Discepola, Connie  Resource Resource
Vetrano, Mirella  Administration School Secretary
Wong, Eleanor  Administration Secretary
Aubé, Jean-François  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Boivin, Karyne  Cycle 2 Teacher
Bourgouin, Marie-Christine  Cycle 1 Teacher
D'Ambrosio, Melissa  Resource Teacher
Di Iorio, Sabrina  Cycle 2 Teacher
DiRaddo, Mirella  Cycle 1 Teacher
Gariépy, Nadine  Cycle 3 Teacher
Gentile, Francesca  Cycle 2 Teacher
Halili, Sabrina  Cycle 2 Teacher
Ippolito, Kathryn  Kindergarten Teacher
Kannon, Audrey  Kindergarten Teacher
L'Archevêque, Kathleen    Cycle 3 Teacher
Laporte, Katherine  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Maillet, Christianne    Cycle 2 Teacher
Monaco, Laura  Cycle 1 Teacher
Murray, Kelly  Cycle 1 Teacher
Padula, George  Cycle 3 Teacher
Pascuzzo, Sonia  Cycle 1 Teacher
Pepin, Arrianne  Cycle 3 Teacher
Perreault, Luce  French Teacher
Renda, Rosanne  Cycle 2 Teacher
Ricard, Jonathan  Elementary Teacher
Valentim, Lise    Cycle 3 Teacher
Pomminville, Josée  Technician Daycare Coordinator

Word of the Day: INEBRIANT
Definition: (noun) An intoxicant.

Synonyms: alcoholic beverage, intoxicant, alcohol.

Usage: He guzzled the inebriant like a thirsty man would water and promptly dropped to the floor with a thud.