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Franklin Hill Elementary School


Aubé, Jean-François Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Bavaro, Amanda Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Bourgeois, Melanie Secretary
Corsaro, Michael Phys Ed. & Health Teacher Teacher
D'Ambra, Cathy Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Teacher
D'Ambrosio, Melissa Resource Teacher
DiRaddo, Mirella Cycle 1 Teacher
Dubuc, Marie-Pier French Teacher Teacher
Ferrulli, Rosa   Cycle 2 Teacher
Francis, Georgina French Teacher Teacher
Gariépy, Nadine Cycle 3 Teacher
Gentile, Francesca Cycle 2 Teacher
Gravel, Carolanne Cycle 3 Teacher
Ippolito, Kathryn Kindergarten Teacher
Kannon, Audrey Kindergarten Teacher
L'Archevêque, Kathleen   Cycle 3 Teacher
Lehr, Jena Resource Teacher Teacher
Maillet, Christianne   Cycle 2 Teacher
McLellan, Rebekah Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Teacher
Molina Orellana, Jessica Secretary
Monaco, Laura Cycle 1 Teacher
Murray, Kelly Cycle 1 Teacher
Ouellet, Isabelle Teacher Pre-K
Pacitto, Raffaella Cycle 3 Teacher Teacher
Padula, George Cycle 3 Teacher
Papadeas, Peter Administration Principal
Pascuzzo, Sonia Cycle 1 Teacher
Perreault, Luce French Teacher
Piazza, Jessica Special Education Behaviour Technician
Pincin, Sara Cycle 2 Teacher Teacher
Pomminville, Josée Technician Daycare Coordinator
Renda, Rosanne Cycle 2 Teacher
Ribeiro, Annabella Library Librarian
Ricard, Jonathan Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Rousseau, Mylène French Teacher
Valentim, Lise Cycle 3 Teacher Teacher
Vitelli, Megan Cycle 1 Teacher Teacher
Vogel, Nadine Administration Vice Principal
Zinicola, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher

Word of the Day: REJOINDER
Definition: (noun) A quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one).

Synonyms: riposte, comeback, retort, replication, counter, return.

Usage: Her eyes darkened, and he expected an indignant rejoinder.