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Franklin Hill Elementary School


NameWeb PageDepartmentsPosition
Aubé, Jean-François Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Bavaro, Amanda Cycle 3 Teacher Teacher
Caruso, Tara Elementary Resource
D'Ambrosio, Melissa Resource Teacher
DiRaddo, Mirella Cycle 1 Teacher
Doheney, Bianca Elementary Teacher
Ferrulli, Rosa   Cycle 2 Teacher
Gariépy, Nadine Cycle 3 Teacher
Gentile, Francesca Cycle 2 Teacher
Gionet, André Administration Principal
Ippolito, Kathryn Kindergarten Teacher
Kannon, Audrey Kindergarten Teacher
L'Archevêque, Kathleen   Cycle 3 Teacher
Latour, Koraly-Ann French Teacher elementary
Lombardo, Francesca  Teacher Resource
Monaco, Laura Cycle 1 Teacher
Murray, Kelly Cycle 1 Teacher
Ouellet, Isabelle  Teacher Pre-K
Pacitto, Raffaella Cycle 1 Teacher
Padula, George Cycle 3 Teacher
Pascuzzo, Sonia Cycle 1 Teacher
Perreault, Luce French Teacher
Pomminville, Josée Technician Daycare Coordinator
Renda, Rosanne Cycle 2 Teacher
Ribeiro, Annabella Library Librarian
Ricard, Jonathan Elementary Teacher
Rousseau, Mylène French Teacher
Vetrano, Mirella Administration School Secretary
Vitelli, Megan  Teacher Pre-K
Wong, Eleanor Administration Secretary
Zinicola, Jennifer Kindergarten Teacher

Word of the Day: GLORIFY
Definition: (verb) To honor with praise, admiration, or worship.

Synonyms: exalt, extol, laud, proclaim.

Usage: People glorify all sorts of bravery except the bravery they might show on behalf of their nearest neighbors.