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Franklin Hill Elementary School


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Arrival Procedures

Teachers will be on duty from 9:10 am. There will be no supervision in the school’s playground before 9:10 am and students are not to be left unattended.

Buses arrive by 9:10 at which time students are let off into the schoolyard for 15 minutes of play.

Students then line up by class and go inside.

During periods of bad weather, students walk directly from the buses through the front doors of the school and go directly to their classes.

Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal for buses and for pickup is at 3:50.

During the month of September, children will be trained regarding the dismissal procedure at Franklin Hill.

All students who take the bus will gather at a specific area of the schoolyard and will get into their proper bus lines.

Students who are picked up by parents regularly will assemble at the school yard entrance found to the left side of the building. When picking up your child, please use the street parking only and do not block the staff parking lot.

Students who go to daycare will assemble in the daycare room immediately after school so that attendance can be taken.

We will not dismiss the buses until all students are accounted for.

Late Arrivals

Lateness has a serious effect on students as the first ten minutes in the morning are a time to prepare and follow a daily routine. Being late often causes students to feel unprepared for the rest of the day and disturbs other students as well. All late students must report directly to the office for a late slip and may have to compensate for missed class time by staying in during morning recess or lunch to complete classroom tasks or assignments.

Parents must accompany thier child(ren) to the front office, inside, when the chid is late.

Please use the street parking only when dropping off your child(ren). 

Early Dismissals

Parents must enter the school to pick up their child(ren) for early dismissal, for appointments or illness. Parents are responsible for recording and signing the early dismissal book located on the table in the office.

Arrivals and Dismissals | Colour Code | Absences | Nutrition | House System


The transportation department of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is responsible for organizing the bus schedule for Franklin Hill.

In  late August, parents will be able to access their child’s transportation information (24/7) by clicking on the “Back to School” button on the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board website (

A Parent (or designated adult) of Kindergarten students must accompany his/her child to and from the bus. Kindergarten children will be returned to school if a recognized adult is not there to pick them up in the afternoon.

All students will be expected to behave properly on the bus and stay seated while the bus is moving.

Students are expected to speak at an appropriate level and to listen to the instructions of the driver.

If a student chooses to disregard the rules of the bus driver, the student will be suspended from the bus for a period of time. Parents will be responsible for bringing that student to and from school.

Consequences for misbehavior on the bus are given by the bus driver and administered by the school. Consequences for misbehavior on the bus will lead to discipline on the bus and may include; changing of seats, warning tickets and/or suspension of bus travel privileges. Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege which can be revoked for individual students in order to ensure the safety of all students.

The numbers for the bus companies used by Franklin Hill are the following:

Autobus J. Renaud Inc. (450) 258-2789  Bus #67, 68, 75, 89 & 914
S & L Transport (450) 622-7985  Bus #9, 13, 26, & 27
Autobus La Montréalaise (450) 664-0449  Bus #37

Bus safety

The administration of Franklin Hill fully supports the safety and security of all students riding these buses. On the advice of the bus driver the school will not hesitate to follow up on any disciplinary issues that have arisen. Students are warned about the consequences of disturbing others, bullying, and violence.

Note that the school has no control over the routes or the possible delays. Parents should contact the transportation department directly.

Parking Lot

The school parking lot is for staff use only between the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Please park on the street and walk your children to the drop-off/pick-up area.

Do not block the driveways to either the parking lot or the bus lane.

Arrivals and Dismissals | Transportation | Absences | Nutrition | House System

Colour Code

Franklin Hill’s color code is navy blue, white, & grey tops, and navy blue and black pants or tunic. Students are expected to wear non-marking hard soled shoes in the school.

Sweaters and/or hoodies which are habitually worn inside must conform to the color code, be navy or white.

The physical education clothes are also a white top with blue shorts. Students are expected to wear running shoes in the gym.

Footwear – Comfortable shoes (no high heels, no flip-flops, and sandals must have a heel strap, closed toed preferred). Students are never permitted to circulate in the school without shoes on. Therefore, it is a good idea for students to have two pairs of shoes at all time in the school (indoor shoes and outdoor shoes). This is a safety and cleanliness issue.

Note: The following will not be permitted: Jeans, caps worn indoors, low cut tops, spaghetti-strap and/or bare back tops, short shorts or short skirts (i.e. more than 3 inches above the knee), visible brand name clothing, clothing with logos, writings or designs, sports pants and jackets indoors.

Lost Clothing

Lost clothing may be found in the large plastic container in the front lobby. Also, ask your children to bring home clothes from their lockers.

Please put your child’s name in/on his or her clothing, and periodically check our Lost and Found.

Every three months, unclaimed clothing will be donated to charity.

Arrivals and Dismissals | Transportation | Colour Code | Nutrition | House System

Student Illness

Whenever a child becomes sick or injured, the child will be brought to the office and the parents will be called.

Therefore, please have a current list of telephone numbers and emergency numbers on file with the office.


Parents are reminded not to send any medication with their child (Aspirin, cough syrup or antibiotics unless accompanied by a doctor’s note explaining the procedure for its use.) The school is not legally permitted to dispense medication without a prescription. Prescriptions must have a label printed by a pharmacist and be in a container. Medication is dispensed only at the office.

Students who are absent for extended periods of time ( 3 days or more) because of illness, must provide a medical note to justify their absence.

Students may only return to school from illness if they are able to follow regular daily routine, i.e. going outside at recess and lunch hour or in cold weather.

Student Absence - Vacations

Family Vacations during School Year

The Governing Board is concerned about the tremendous increase in the frequency of family vacations taken when school is in session.

We strongly agree that vacations are for families to plan quality time away together. We highly encourage you to plan these vacations according to the school year calendar.


• It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their child keeps up with her/his class lessons.
• The school is not responsible for providing school work to be completed during your child’s absence when vacations are prolonged or taken when school is in session.
• The school is not obliged to redistribute assignments or make up tests.

Arrivals and Dismissals | Transportation | Colour Code | Absences | House System

Nutrition & Healthy Eating

Our Nutrition Statement

It is broadly accepted that there are strong links between nutrition, health and learning. Sound dietary choices benefit children because they provide the nutrition and energy that help to ensure steady growth as well as a healthy, active and long life. We believe that properly nourished children are better learners who are more capable of focusing on the daily challenges of life at school and at home. It is in this spirit that students are expected to bring snacks and lunches that are healthy, therefore:

Students are expected to have a healthy snack for their morning recess: unprocessed fruit, vegetables, cheese, yogurt and/or unsweetened cereal.

Students are expected to have a balanced lunch which includes a main course (sandwich) etc, a fruit or vegetable and/or dairy with water or juice. A dessert can also be part of a healthy meal at lunchtime.

Important!!! Franklin Hill is a Peanut-Free School. Do not send any food which contains peanuts, or has been made alongside peanuts. This includes particularly peanut butter and any other food or snack with peanut particles.

Lunch Hour

Lunch hour is from 12:50 to 1:50.

Cafeteria services are provided by our school caterer. Menus will be provided in advance so that parents can order hot meals. The service is optional.

Please note that any issues concerning the catering service, meal choices, student absence, field trips should be addressed directly to the caterer, Le Doral telephone at 514-630-6113; e-mail is

Students who come to school without a lunch will not be given a full catered meal. Parents will be called to bring a lunch.

Students bringing their own lunch are asked to bring them in appropriate containers – well-insulated and properly marked with their name.

Note: Microwaves are not available.

Lunch supervision is provided by lunch supervisors hired by the school. These employees have the safety and security of all students at heart. In return, they deserve the unconditional respect and obedience of all children. Students who show disrespect for the rules or for the supervisor risk a school suspension (see code of conduct).

This applies equally to the playground and the lunch room.

Make lunchtime a pleasant experience

-stay in your assigned seat
-keep your voices down
-clean up after yourself; use the garbage cans
- be quiet during end of lunch dismissal


Two children are assigned to each locker. Students are not permitted to put locks on their lockers. Students must keep their lockers neat and tidy (remove food and clothing on a daily basis).

Prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted at school:

•  IPODs, or other listening devices
• Cell phones, cameras
• Games such as DS, PSP, etc.
• Dangerous objects (knives, chains studded bracelets, etc.)
• Toys such as trading cards and collectibles
• Chewing Gum
• Other valuables

In special cases, as arranged with the principal and bus company, some children may bring I-pods or video games on the bus. The items are for use only on the bus and should never be seen at school. The school is not responsible for the loss of these items.

Arrivals and Dismissals | Transportation | Colour Code | Absences | Nutrition

Franklin Hill House System

Houses were created from the Harry Potter concept. The students voted on different kinds of emblems 4 years ago. All Franklin Hill students are divided into four houses: Beaver, Eagle, Crab and Butterfly. All students are assigned to a house in kindergarten and remain a member of the same house for their school life at Franklin Hill. Siblings are placed in the same house to create tradition and continuity.

Students have the opportunity to earn points for their house through a series of activities and good deeds, with the winning house receiving monthly, and term awards and ultimately, a trophy at the end of the year.

Here’s how it works

Students can earn points (10) per month for their house through positive social behaviour as tracked through their behaviour chart.

“Caught being Good” house tickets are given to students by adults in the school which students can place in their house box in the front hall.

Students who receive a Student of the Month or Citizen of the Month award will contribute 20 points to their house. Citizen of the Month will follow themes which promote positive, responsible social behaviour and also reflect the characteristics of their house animals.

Houses may accumulate points through events and competitions such Olympic Day.

House achievement will be celebrated at our monthly assembly when a winning house will be declared and a reward or reward activity will be given. Some examples of reward activity or prize:

  • 15 minutes of extra recess
  • Sliding on Franklin Hill
  • Eating Lunch in the Park
  • Movie In the Gym/Cafeteria
  • Dress-down with house T-Shirt

Term Rewards – Three times per year the leading house will be given a special prize like Swimming at the Municipal Pool, Sliding on Franklin Hill or participating in other special outings (perhaps tickets to the annual Impact Game drawn among members of a house)

The goal of this activity is to give focus to students both as individuals and a collective and encourage positive behaviour.

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