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Franklin Hill Elementary School

Governing Board

Governing Board 2016-2017

Any parent is welcome to attend a governing board meeting.  There is always a question period for the public.  Should you have a question you would like to address to the governing board, please contact your governing board chairperson via email.  Here are the members for the 2015-2016 school year:

Parent Representatives:                                                         Teacher Representatives:

Steve Thouin - Chair                                                                  Jean-François Aubé

Sabrina Calabretta-Duval                                                           Kathleen L'Archevêque

Nathalie Chassé                                                                         Christianne Maillet

Lily Fortin                                                                                    Luce Perreault

Betha Myrthil                                                                               André Gionet - Principal   

Mary-Ann Manzanal                                                      

Non-Teaching Professional

Josée Pomminville    

Mirella Vetrano




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