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Franklin Hill Elementary School

About Us


Franklin Hill Elementary School’s mission is dedicated to provide a caring and rich learning environment in which every child is respected and given the opportunity to develop character and positive values; to acquire skills such as tolerance, perseverance, excellence, and patience, adapting to change and remaining open to progressive techniques.  To achieve our vision, we create a nurturing atmosphere designed to serve our students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs within a learning environment which is centered around students, directed by teachers and support staff, and supported by home and community.

 Office Hours:

The office is open daily from 8:00 am  to 4:00 pm.Please note that the office is closed during lunch hour, which is between 12:50 and 1:50. However, an automated answering service is available at the school and messages will be processed at 1:50.

Important Reminders to Parents:

1. If changes have to be made to your child’s routine (e.g. daycare changes, early dismissal, and after-school pick up, etc.) please notify the office before 2:25 pm on the particular day. A note to your child’s teacher would also be greatly appreciated.

2. Late arrivals and absences – Please phone the office before 9:00 to tell us if your child will be absent or late.

3. After your child returns to school, please have your child present a note to the homeroom teacher explaining the absence.

4. Parents who do not phone the school will be called to verify the absence.

School Telephone: (450) 470–0755
School Fax: (450) 470- 9734

Franklin Hill Elementary School
1111 Basile-Routhier
Repentigny, Quebec, J5Y 4C8

Please note: Office phones are not for student use.

Emergency School Closures

The school board’s website is the most reliable source for information on school closures or by phone 450-621-5600

School closures and Emergency Bulletins will be announced over the following stations:
CJAD – 800 AM Team 990 Q92.5 CHOM 97.7 Virgin 95.9

Please note that our school board is large and schools are often closed by region.

School Attendance Zone

From a point located at the intersection of the northern boundary of the Municipality of Mascouche and the property line behind and including Chemin St-Henri, this property line, Chemin Ste-Marie, Montée Masson, Autoroute 25, Chemin Gascon to 1425 Chemin Gascon, an imaginary line from this address to the extension of rue Pépinière, this extension, rue Pépinière, the southern boundary of the Municipality of Terrebonne, the Municipality of Charlemagne, the Municipality of Repentigny, the Municipality of Le Gardeur, the northern boundary of the Municipality of Terrebonne to the point of departure.

Zone Map click here

The Roots

Franklin Hill Elementary School is an amalgamation of four communities brought together to create an English School in Repentigny.



School Name           

The issue of a school name was addressed, and it was decided to have the students choose the name of the new   school.

During the first months of the school's existence the entire student body participated in the naming of the new school. After several votes 5 names were selected for the students to vote on. Franklin Hill Elementary was chosen because of the school's close proximity to a large geological feature that had been named Franklin hill in the recent past. A new street will be created across from this feature to be named Franklin.


First General Assembly



A first meeting of the parent body of the new school in Repentigny met in June at Rosemere High School. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the newly appointed Principal and to elect a Provisional Governing Board to begin the first steps of creating a new school community.

After some discussion it was decided that 2 elected members from each of the 4 communities would serve on the Provisional Governing Board.

Prospective staff members also assumed their pedagogical roles on this committee.



Provisional Governing Board



During the months leading up to the opening of the school the Provisional Governing Board met several times to discuss and establish the parameters for the beginning of the school. A survey was created to address some of the issues regarding the make-up of the school regarding language of instruction and other fundamental issues.

When the Provisional Governing Board met in the summer of 2004, and after the survey was sent out and collated, it was decided that the language of instruction would be 70% English and 30% French.

The school was staffed according to this breakdown.



Dress Code



A dress code was adopted by the Provisional Governing Board in response to the survey. The students are expected to wear a white or navy blue top and navy blue pants or tunic. The gym uniform is the same colour-pattern.

A supplier was found for those parents who wished to use this one store to shop.



Hot Meal service



A caterer was hired to provide hot meals for students whose parents wish to use this service during the year.

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