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Franklin Hill Elementary School

Welcome to Franklin Hill Elementary School

Kindergarten 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7181:2020-07-03]
Kindergarten 20-21.xlsx FR NP [B7180:2020-07-03]
Grade 1 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7179:2020-07-03]
Grade 1 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7178:2020-07-03]
Grade 2 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7177:2020-07-03]
Grade 2 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7176:2020-07-03]
Grade 3 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7175:2020-07-03]
Grade 3 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7174:2020-07-03]
Grade 4 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7173:2020-07-03]
Grade 4 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7172:2020-07-03]
Grade 5 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7171:2020-07-03]
Grade 5 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7170:2020-07-03]
Grade 6 20-21.xlsx-ENG NP [B7169:2020-07-03]
Grade 6 20-21.xlsx-FR NP [B7168:2020-07-03]
Student Agenda 2020-2021 [B7082:2020-06-18]
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Franklin Hill

1111 Basile-Routhier, Repentigny, QC, J5Y 4C8
Tel. 450 470-0755 Fax 450 470-9734

Principal: André Gionet  


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Word of the Day: FLINTY
Definition: (adjective) Showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings.

Synonyms: granitic, obdurate, stony.

Usage: He maintained a hard, careless deportment, indicative of neither joy nor sorrow: if anything, it expressed a flinty gratification at a piece of difficult work successfully executed.