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Franklin Hill Elementary School

Welcome to Franklin Hill Elementary School

Pre-Kindergarten [B7952:2022-06-27]
Kindergarten [B7951:2022-06-27]
Grade 1 [B7950:2022-06-27]
Grade 2 [B7949:2022-06-27]
Grade 3 [B7948:2022-06-27]
Grade 4 [B7947:2022-06-27]
Grade 5 [B7946:2022-06-27]
Grade 6 [B7945:2022-06-27]
ABAV End-of-Year Report [B7919:2022-05-25]
2022-2023 Calendar [B7918:2022-05-25]
Franklin Hill

1111 Basile-Routhier, Repentigny, QC, J5Y 4C8
Tel. 450 470-0755 Fax 450 470-9734

Principal: Peter Papadeas


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Word of the Day: CLOUDBURST
Definition: (noun) A heavy rain.

Synonyms: pelter, soaker, torrent, waterspout, deluge, downpour.

Usage: We enjoyed the lovely recliners on the ship's deck until a sudden cloudburst sent us running for our cabins.